Packaging – Creative Medium – ECO

Packaging Specification:

  • Packaging dimensions:
    • Base dimension: 98 x 44 mm
    • Height: 105 mm
  • We will make this packaging with your individual print
  • Possible full color printing on the packaging [CMYK colors]*
  • Ecological board – completely recyclable (made of unbleached fibres).
  • ECO board with FSC certificate
  • Possibility to print the inside of the packaging (contact us for details)
  • ECO cboard weight: 250 grams/m2
  • Minimum order 100 pcs.

Some colors may vary due to the non-white color of the base

  • SKU catalog number: ZP-007-PRINT-ECO
Download template of this packaging:
Packaging – Creative Medium - ECO
Packaging – Creative Medium – ECO
Packaging – Creative Medium - ECO
Packaging – Creative Medium – ECO

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Packaging – Creative Medium Eco is the ultimate solution for those who want to surprise their contractors with a sustainable alternative. This innovative concept is not only environmentally friendly, but also versatile and stylish, providing endless possibilities for packaging design. With Packaging – Creative Medium Eco, you can showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability while delivering a unique and memorable experience to your contractor. Think of colorful cardboard boxes that can be collapsed after use, biodegradable bubble wrap made from cornstarch, or edible wrappers made from rice paper – the options are limitless! By choosing this creative medium eco packaging solution, you demonstrate that innovation and responsibility go hand in hand, inspiring others to follow your lead towards a greener future. So why settle for ordinary packing materials when you can make an impact with Packaging – Creative Medium Eco?