Packaging – CREARIVE MEDIUM – ECO – Unprinted

Packaging – Creative Medium – ECO – Unprinted

Packaging Specification:

  • Packaging dimensions:
    • Base dimension: 98 x 44 mm
    • Height: 105 mm
  • This pack is available “in stock”
  • Ecological board – completely recyclable (made of unbleached fibres).
  • ECO board FSC certificate
  • ECO board weight: 250 grams/m2
  • Minimum order 25 pcs.
  • SKU catalog number: ZP-007-NOPRINT-ECO
Packaging – Creative Medium Eco - Unprinted
Packaging – Creative Medium Eco – Unprinted
Packaging – Creative Medium Eco - Unprinted - rear view
Packaging – Creative Medium Eco – Unprinted – rear view

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Packaging – Creative Medium Eco – Unprinted, it’s time to embrace the power of sustainable advertising! Say goodbye to dull and unoriginal packaging, and hello to eco-friendly alternatives that will not only promote your brand but also make a positive impact on the environment. With unprinted eco-packaging, you have the perfect canvas for creating unique designs that stand out from the crowd while staying true to your values. This versatile medium allows you to showcase your creativity in ways that were previously impossible with traditional packaging materials. From minimalist designs using natural textures and fibers to bold graphics printed with vegetable-based inks – there are endless possibilities for making a statement about your brand’s commitment towards sustainability. So why settle for ordinary when you can go green and make a lasting impression on both customers and Mother Nature? Switching to unprinted eco-packaging is an investment in our planet’s future – one that is sure to pay off in more ways than one!